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Welcome to Joanie’s Country Kennels:

We at Joanie’s Country Kennels strive to provide you with a happy, socialized, fun-loving puppy, a companion, a friend and a loyal partner. We are a USDA  and Iowa License Kennel. We only have purebred puppies; we do not do “Designer dogs” (Mixed breed dogs) and we do only natural breeding in our facility (no artificial insemination). Our Veterinarian (Dr. Bettin) is available for any "Emergency situation" that might arise with our dogs, and is involved with all our vaccination, worming, exercise, and dental care programs. We encourage all our customers to feel free to talk with Dr. Bettin(# upon request), or his staff on the quality and health of our puppies.

Bringing a new dog into your house is a life-changing decision. Whether you have a household of animals or if this is your first pet, a new dog brings a variety of adjustments. Before proceeding, examine your lifestyle and personality, and carefully research the type of dog that will fit into your life best,then give us a call so we can assist in helping you get the right dog.